Mahi Granites Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest exporters of granite from India. We specialize in rough blocks, processed slabs, cut to sizes and other intricate designs in various thickness and sizes. Our clients range from the North American region of Canada, USA to the European region of UK, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and Spain. We also cater to the Middle Eastern markets in Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

We have our factory located in the strategic region of Hyderabad and have a capacity of 300,000 square meters per Annum. Our state of the art facility boasts of one Multiwire, six Gangsaws, two Polishing lines, and one Resign line all from Breton, Italy. We also have two Bridge saw and an Edge profiling machine from Commanduli.

We also have our own quarries in colors like Tan Brown, Tan Brown Classic, Coffee Brown, Giallo Artic, River White and River Gold.

Our color palate consists of colors from all parts of the world. Apart from our own quarries we process other colors like Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Steel Grey, Black Pearl, Moon White, Black Forest and many more from India.